8 Ways to Crush 2019

When I was a kid, my dad would challenge each of us on Christmas day. 

He would pose this question to us every year:

“What are you believing and praying for God to do in your life in ______ (year)?”

Not only did we have to answer this question, we had to come up with 5 answers. 

The best part? 

We had to write them down and share them with the whole family. 

So we had to write down our answers, “I’m believing and praying for God to ______.” 

Now mind you, these are not pie in the sky hopes. 

We’re talking about things within our control that we can work on so they come to fruition.

And each year, my dad would bring out the ones from the previous year and read them in front of everyone. 

Sure, there were years I’d miss the mark completely, but it felt so good to even just get one or two of them done from the previous year. 

This was my earliest exposure to setting goals that I can remember. 

And although, it’s a great start, I’ve learned a lot since these early days. 

Here are 8 ways you can make a real dent in your goals in 2019… 

1) Set goals where you control 100% of the outcomes. 

Meaning, you may not control how many sales you actually make at work, but you can control how many phone calls you make. 

You may not be able to control what the scale says, but you can control if your plate is half full of veggies. 

2) Write them down.

Every single thing around you that you see, whether you bought it at the store, city workers built it, or you made it yourself was all created twice. 

Once in someone’s mind. 

Then it came to life in reality. 

Writing down what you want to take place in your life is the first step. 

And trust me, writing it down, even in pencil will likely last longer than most of our memories these days. 

3) Read your goals often — preferably daily.

Writing them down is great. 

But just like a GPS, if you’ve never been somewhere before, you’re going to need to continue looking at your GPS in order to get you where you want to go. 

Put them on an index card. 

Save them as the background on your computer or your phone. 

Put them on your bathroom mirror. 

I’ve done each of these, and personally I prefer to write them on an index card and carry them with me. 

Find what works for you, and do it. 

4) Visualize the process. 

Not just achieving them but also what the process will look like to get you there. 

It’s easy to think about the end game — how many pounds lost, how much money made, where you want to go on vacation, etc., 

The key is to think of the actual steps you are going to take to get you there. 

It’s not that we have a lack of motivation, it’s that we lack clarity. 

When studying high achievers (some of the best people in their fields), they found that one of the common traits among them was a sense of clarity. 

If you asked them where they wanted to be in 5 years, they can tell you in a sentence. 

When asked what’s the most important thing for them to work on and focus on, they immediately have an answer. 

Get clarity. Visualize the steps. 

5) Make your sleep a priority.

You can have big goals, a huge heart, and a great work ethic, but if you don’t have the energy to execute on them, you might as well not even have them. 

Work hard, yes. But be smart and rest intentionally so you can feel recharged & ready to do great work. 

Whether you want to be a great parent, spouse, friend, boss, or team mate, chances are, you’re much more enjoyable to be around when you’re well rested. 

But hey, if you like running on a little sleep, enjoy gaining the extra pounds, dealing with brain fog, imbalanced hormones, a slower metabolism, mood swings, a lower immunity and a slew of other “benefits” that come with lack of sleep when compounded over the months and years. 

6) Be held accountable. 

Don’t have someone who is actually holding your feet to the fire? 

Then ask someone to help you do this. 

You can do it for them as well.

A few quick guidelines to do this properly: 

1) They should have your best interest at heart. 

2) You should meet with them weekly (or phone call) to go over your top 3 or top 5

  goals for the upcoming week. 

3) There should always be consequences. Both good and bad. What’s at stake if you do 

  not complete all of your goals? And what’s your reward if you do complete all of them? 

7) Speak life into your goals. 

If you’ve spent a decent amount of time around me, you know I don’t like the word “can’t.” 

I refuse to speak it over my life, and I strongly believe you should also remove it from your vocabulary. 

Our words have power in them. You can speak life or you can speak death over your future. 

Ever notice the more and more you repeat how tired you are, the more tired you become? 

Have you realized that when you say “I can’t,” you don’t?

Believe in the power of your dreams. 

Believe in the power of your words. 

Speak life over your future and your goals, I guarantee it’ll only help you. 

8) Get a coach.

Sometimes you genuinely just need more help. Period. 

You’ve read the books. 

You’ve Googled it all. 

You’ve bought things to help you on your journey, but still feel like you’re falling short. 

That’s okay. (it’s called being human)

One thing is certain - we need to help each other. 

Consider the following - the best in the world all have coaches. 

Even the Dalai Lama has a spiritual coach! 

So how much more do the rest of us need a coach to help us get to that next level in our lives? 

Imagine if you had someone helping you get your life to the next level. 

How much faster do you think you’d reach  your goals?

Want me to personally help you reach your goals faster?

4 thoughts on “8 Ways to Crush 2019”

  1. I appreciate and hope to adopt this tradition. Focusing on our goals can truly aid us in walking through all the ups and downs life has to offer. Thank you for reminding us daily to stay focused on what matters.

    1. Takes intentional practice & consistent effort, but can be done Kellie!
      Trying my best.
      Thanks so much for reading!

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