Didn’t crush your goals in 2018? Here’s the one thing you MUST do to make sure it doesn’t happen again…


Didn’t crush your goals in 2018? 

Here’s the one thing you MUST do to make sure it doesn’t happen again…

If you could rewind one year from now, what would you do differently?

“Nothing,” you say. 

I don’t believe you. 

I’d venture to say that you would love to go back and do this past year the right way. 

I mean follow through.

Do what you said you were going to do in the beginning of the year. 

Not get distracted. 

Not let your priorities slip.

Sure, life comes up. 

There are curve balls thrown at you left and right. 

But we’re not talking about that. 

We’re talking about those times where you aimlessly browse social media, or read the news, or watch Netflix. 

Pick your dirty deed. 

The point is, you chose to settle for the comfort in the here and now as opposed to reach for the growth for the future you. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s easier. I understand. 

It’s easier to have the ice cream or pour a glass of wine than it is to actually open up your journal and reflect on the day. 

It takes less effort to turn on the tv than to put your head down and do more work. 

But here is where it gets difficult…

Because we want to work, be productive and do great, but we also don’t want to just work. 

We don’t want to be a slave to our job. 

You want to have a life too, like a normal person.

You’ve heard it all before — when you’re on your deathbed, you won’t wished you worked more. 

So how do we strike this ever elusive “Balance” in our lives? 

Do what the best in the world do — get a coach. 

Sure, accountability partners and facebook groups may work for some people.

But for the rest of us, we need someone who is going to consistently be there and call us out on our crap. 

While encouraging us and believing in us. 

Because when left to our own vices, we’ll fall back on them.

Plus paying them each month, helps us to take it more seriously.

Now to be clear, I’m not talking about simple things like losing a few pounds, or starting a new hobby. 

I’m talking about big scary goals. 

Like doubling your income. 

Writing a book.

Starting a business. (a successful one)

But how do you find a coach? 

This isn’t really something that you just go to the store and pick-up. 

Here’s what I’d recommend: 

Shop around.

Ask your peers, if they have anyone they’d recommend. 

Google the type of coach you’re looking for and start a conversation with them.

If they seem like a good fit, get started immediately! 

There’s no point in letting another year pass you by in the same position.  

If after just one conversation with them, you can see that they could help you get from where you are to where you want to be, then give it a go and hire them! 

In attempt to make your life easier, I’d love to continue this conversation with you. 

If you are serious about crushing your goals this coming year, let’s talk.

It’ll take about 30 minutes, and I guarantee if nothing else, you’ll walk away with a crystal clear path on how to make 2019 remarkable. 

Just comment below or reach out on social media to get started on crafting your best year yet. 

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