Top Tips for 2018

We’re about 10 days into 2018. How’s it going? The best year ever? You’re keeping on track with every New Year’s Resolution (or Promise) that you stated on 12/31/17? Or are you already beginning to backslide? Still struggling to find the motivation to begin?

Wherever you may fall within this spectrum, I genuinely want to help you become the BEST possible version of yourself this year with these bdswiss de starte seite 10 SIMPLE TIPS: 1-WHY?: It all starts here. You must fully understand and know your “Why” before you begin tackling any sizable goal. Because when times get tough, you lose motivation, you get off track, and you want to quit, your “Why” will help keep you going.

source 2-Write it down: Writing produces clarity. Be specific with your goals. What exactly do you want? Do not say, “Get in shape,” or “Lose weight.” Define what that means to you. Maybe it’s getting a 6-pack or running your first half-marathon, or even just being able to play with your kids without feeling completely run down and tired all of the time. The key is to define it and make it specific!

go 3-Make it measurable: Along with being specific, try to make your goals measurable. Instead of saying “Make more money,” decide exactly how much you want your paycheck or monthly income to be. Even for harder ones like “Be a better spouse or parent,” you can measure the times with these

special people (date nights or soccer games attended). Regardless of the goals, try to find something that you can measure and keep track of. 4-Tell someone: When you tell someone, it holds you accountable to your words. Pick someone that you can tell in total confidence. Someone that is going to help you achieve your goal and help keep you on track. So telling the person at In-N-Out about your new weight loss goals, probably isn’t the best person to pick (since you won’t be seeing them very often). 5-Prepare: Be as prepared as you can. Get the things ahead of time that will help you accomplish your new goals. Lay out your workout clothes and pack your healthy lunch the evening before. Plan your meals out for the week in advance. Whatever it is, do it before it’s too late. Remember: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

click here 6-Make it a ritual: As great as planning and preparing are, rituals may be the single best thing to help you with your new goals. Rituals can become very strong and automatic. Instead of “

Trying to pray daily,” do it as soon as you wake up. This way it becomes automatic and you begin to do it out of habit. The key to building successful new rituals is to put them immediately before or right after something else that has been on your schedule for a long time. Example: go running right after work, read for 30 minutes right after dinner, drink a glass of water right after each meal, etc.

enter site 7-Do less: Sometimes we simply bite off more than we can chew. Try only making a few new changes to your life at this point. Then, each quarter, add one or two more to your list. By doing this it helps to also build confidence in your ability to change direction (in your life) and make positive lasting habits. 8-Replace your old habits: Once in a while, a goal is to actually stop doing something else. (quit smoking, drink less, eat out less, etc.,) While this is great, unfortunately, most times people set themselves up to fail. Instead of trying to stop doing something, replace it. Because whatever you were attempting to stop, still used a certain amount of time and energy on your part. So now the goal needs to be to redirect this same time and energy into something else. 9-Read your goals every day: When you keep your goals constantly in front of your face, you don’t forget them and you are much more likely to stay on track. Whether they are on your phone, an index card, or typed up and printed, the key is to just read them daily. 10-Start immediately: Don’t know when to start your new goals (if you haven’t already), start NOW! What are you waiting for? Seriously. Even if it’s reading a page (to read more this year), doing 5 pushups (to get into better shape), paying the minimum payment (to get out of debt), the key is to just start!

**For those of you who still want to procrastinate, we have a 10-Day Challenge starting Monday, January 22nd!

That’s right, 10 consecutive days of Bootcamp Classes, along with Meal Planning, Meal Prepping & World-Class Supplementation.

Talk to your Bootcamp instructor at Out of Bounds Training to sign-up or if you have any questions.

Now go make 2018 your BEST year yet!

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