WARNING: TMI & Just Weird

Sometimes you gotta let 'em grow…

You need to let your finger nails grow too long once in a while. 

Hear me out.

As a guy, I strongly dislike when my finger nails get long. 

To be clear, long to me is if I can see white (which quickly turns to a light-black, if that’s a color?)

This is what I mean: 

Cutting my finger nails doesn’t take much time. 

But the reality is that it doesn’t make it up my list of my priorities sometimes because I am just so focused on bigger goals and things I want to get done. 

Therefore, little things like cutting my nails don’t make it on my to-do’s for the day. 

Why in the world do I share this strange information with you? 

Because I think way too often we major in minor things. 

We confuse busyness with productivity. 

We tend to fill up our schedules rather than fill up ourselves. 

Like an octopus on roller-skates, we may have a lot of movement, but we’re not really moving forward. 

I’d like to encourage you, to let your fingers nails grow a little longer than you want. 

Put off those little things that distract you from your bigger goals. 

It’s okay, you’ll get to them eventually. 

Relax. Focus on the big wins. 

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